How to redecorate your home without spending a lot of money

It is possible that you like me feel that your house is always the same, sometimes bored and tired see year after year the same furniture, same colors, same objects… If this is your case, do not worry, we will give you some ideas to redecorate the house without spending a lot of money. You will appreciate the new details and feel that your house has changed a lot.

Tips for redecorating a house

tips for redecorating a house

1 # Change the curtains

Do not leave faces and you can upgrade them. To choose the color of the curtains always be right with the neutrals, like the beige, grey, black or white, but if you are one of those that you like the color and already have furniture in neutral tones, then perfect, choose a color that combines with plaids, cushions or decorative objects that you have in the corresponding room. Continue reading

How to choose curtains for a kid’s bedroom

Every parent wants their child to be comfortable in her bedroom. But for that to happen there is no magic word that is worth: it takes a bit of dedication. In this sense, it is essential to be attentive to every detail – even to the curtains. Now, the question is: how to choose curtains for a kid’s bedroom? Therefore, you must take into account a number of factors.

Age and sex

So obvious, these factors tend to go unnoticed, but if you want to make the best decision you will have to look at them. And it is that the likes of a child does not tend to be similar to the one of a girl. In addition, and to make things more complex, a little same person is changing inclination as it grows.

how to choose curtains for kids bedroom


To choose the best material, the first thing you have to keep in mind is how much light gets the room during the day. If this is abundant, you may think of thick materials that they hinder the passage of light and allow your child to sleep a good sleep. Also, if you want the curtains to remain in good condition for longer, you will have to avoid the delicate fabrics and intense colors. Otherwise, the Sun will eventually destroy them in the twinkling of an eye. Continue reading

7 Ideas for outdoor storage

It is not always necessary to resort to outside cabinets and shelves for storing objects and elements of the veranda or garden; look at the 7 ideas of storage outdoors are presenting you today so that you have everything perfectly organized!

Ideas for storing outdoor items

1 # A shelf that does not occupy place, cheap and functional!

Take recycling to keep order! Get a pallet to hang on a wall. Then you will have to nail or hang in it from hooks, nails or different media that you can then use to hang for example:

ideas for outdoor storage

  • Shovels, rakes, manual garden shears
  • Hose
  • Sprinklers

If you want also you can paint or varnish your pallet. Continue reading

History of Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair came into existence in Arlene Francis and was showcased on Home show on the NBC network of television in USA in year 1956. One of the remarkable advertisements which came into focus was of a grandmother shelling peas in front of porch of an American gothic style and in between the sunny field filled with hay. Another advertisement which was presented by Herman miller was showcasing the consumers that they should be aware of knockoffs and imitations. Since it came into picture, Miller kept its production at the higher level in America. Vitra came to force and started creating chairs for European market. However it has been proved that only two companies named as Vitra and Miller are producing such designs of chair. For commemorating their 50th anniversary, Miller came to effect and released a new model named as Palisander Rose wood which was having a sustainable extension.

History of Chair

How are they made?
They are made with Leather and molded plywood which are designed by Ray Eames and Charles for the Miller furniture company. Officially they have been titled as Ottoman (671) and Eames Lounge (670) and finally came to limelight in the year 1956.  It was one of the first chairs which were designed by Eames for the high end market place. Customers can have a look of some samples and designs by visiting the Museum of the Modern Art.

Different Pattern and styles with regards to Lounge Chair
Designs are numerous and plenty with different style and patterns. The designs have been plotted based on the requirement of the customers. Some of the lists which could impress the audience or the customers are as under-Armchair (when you are talking about the arm chair it means that its having arms but they are not at all holstered), Barcelona chair, Butterfly chair, Club chair, Egg chair, Eames chair (the original of its combined the curved plywood’s along with rosewood Veneers and leather cushions with aluminum base), Recliner and so on. They are quite comfortable for the customers due to its design and flexibility as they could relax easily.

Ways for shopping for the chairs?
Shopping has always been one of the biggest concerns with regards to finalizing your chair. There are different kinds of shops or stores available across the globe with high quality points. Now the time has come when companies are showcasing their products on their site as well.  In case you are searching for some kind of unique chair then you could visit the manufacturing area and get one from there itself. There are some other unique sites, who are gathering the information with regards to product on the site. When the products are available on the site, users have the advantage that they could know the details of the product in single click. They also have got the option of comparing different products, according to their requirement and design. Lounge chairs are made up of different materials like microfiber, synthetic leathers, leather, vinyl and any other upholstery items. In today’s scenario slip cover is also essential.

Tips to maintain the shine of parquet

Do you have parquet at home? Can you keep it properly so that last for many more years? There are different types of parquets and each requires a specific maintenance. Then we give details to maintain the shine of parquet and get lengthen its life.

Solid parquet

Once a year you should polish your wood floor. The effects will be much better using a polishing several times. Deleted once the remains extend a finite layer of oil for wood, in this case you can use oils for parquets; wood will absorb it and protect it from stains and dirt. The only disadvantage of this type of maintenance is that it is expensive, and also their effects are irreversible.

tips to maintain the parquet

To keep it regularly simply pass a slightly damp mop and is already. If it is very dirty you can add a drop of kitchen soap. Continue reading

Small plants to decorate the house

Sometimes we try to have some space, but matter of taste. In this installment, we tell you what some of the small to decorate the house with taste and style plants.

Small plants decoration tips

Sometimes it is better to opt for small decorative pots to, for example, decorate with a center of natural table instead of putting a vase of beautiful but ephemeral flowers. On the other hand, a well-kept plant will last you for life. An African violet would be ideal; notice that it has good natural light.

plants to decorate the house

If you have a desk or office at home, a way to add decoration, something green and natural living is adding plants; if you have computer, kills two birds with one stone and put some cactus, besides being very simple at the time keep them, they will absorb the waves emitted by your computer. Continue reading

How to combine furniture with wall color

The color is a medium of expression; you can reveal personality traits and even transmit moods. It is one of the first features we perceive when entering a room and have a direct influence on us. In fact, you can generate sadness, happiness and many other feelings. For these reasons, it is significant to know how to combine furniture with the color of the walls.

#1 evaluates your furniture

how to combine furniture with wall

First that nothing, identifies the most important furniture of the room – either because it takes up more space or because you like most. Analyze their shades and based them choose the color of the wall. If it’s monochromatic, you select a color from the same family to paint the wall. Now, make sure you do not choose the same key. If you make your environment will be monotonous and boring. On the other hand, if the most important piece is of various colors, choose to paint the wall a variety of the dominant tone of the piece of furniture. Also, you can choose other colors and combine it with the wall. In this way, you will be less obvious. Continue reading

Benefits of Furnace Air Filters

Furnaces use air filters like anything with an air intake. A centralized heating system based on a furnace can spread a lot of things into the air that you don’t want to deal with. This may be better or worse depending on where you live, but the fact is that a furnace air filter can improve the air quality of your home and make the winter months when you run your heating system much more pleasant. The following are the top three benefits of furnace air filters.

The first thing air filters can do is filter larger particulates out of the air, primarily live ones such as dust mites. Dust mites are known to aggravate a variety of different pulmonary conditions, and can cause new ones to develop in individuals that are sensitive, but seem otherwise healthy. Dust mites are particularly tenacious, because as living creatures, they are capable of surviving in rugs, carpets, clothing, sheets, and other fibrous material. They remain in the atmosphere of a home for recirculation unless a filter catches and removes them, and aren’t likely to end up outside. Dust mites are among the largest possible particulates, so even the cheapest filters are capable of catching them and removing them from consideration.

A better filter can catch mold spores and bacteria. Mold can cause pulmonary trouble in the same way dust mites can, but it is much more insidious. Dust mites can be filtered out of the air after they have been introduced, but mold has to be cleaned out of the walls with fumigation once it takes root. Filtering the spores can keep it at bay after it has been cleared out. Bacteria is a pathogenic vector that can result in a number of different illnesses, and this makes it a great thing to remove for long-term health. Continue reading

Tips for choosing a fireplace for your home

Fireplaces give a touch of warmth and unbeatable privacy to any environment. Find here the best tips to choose a fireplace for your home, taking into account some aspects.

Types of fireplaces for the home

In general there are three types of fireplaces you can choose: of wood, natural gas and electricity. Let’s see together some pros and cons of each so you can choose better.

how to choose fireplace Continue reading

Tips for choosing the perfect garage door for your home

If you are building or simply need a new door or gate, you have many good choices from which to choose. What is the best? Find here a complete guide about how to choose a perfect garage door for your home.

It decides on the material

Depending on how much use of you to your garage, the resistance that you are looking for, the maintenance you are willing to give you and your personal tastes, you can choose between 4 different materials for your garage door:

how to choose garage door


It comes in various colors and styles and requires little maintenance. As it is not so heavy it is easy to use manually. It is rust-proof, but it is not as durable as you peel easily. Continue reading

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