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How to create the ideal home office

Working from home can seem a dream come true for most people: it’s a way to work away, independently from the noise and hustle and bustle of the office environment. However, there can be a number of potential distractions to compete with. In order to be as productive as possible, you need a dedicated working space. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Don’t let space become an issue

It doesn’t matter how much space you have in your home, you will always be able to fit in a home office. Think about the cupboards and wardrobe space you have available. It is easier than you might think to transform a cupboard into a cosy office space.

Of course, if you are looking to move you can always look for a property that features plenty of space to use for a home office. Browse Linden Homes for sale Rutland to see a range of properties that have been designed to include the perfect office space.

Create a stimulating environment

One of the main benefits of working from home is the fact you have complete control over the decor.

Most offices feature a standard neutral design. When decorating your office space, think about the things that really stimulate you. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls a bright, bold colour.

Warmer tones like yellow are particularly good for stimulating positive thinking. Colours such as a soft blue or a tan colour can help to reduce stress.

As well as the colour, you should also focus on adding a few personal items into the office. Your favourite flowers, scent and photos of your family will help to create a more calming, enjoyable work space. Continue reading

Fun is What You Make It

It’s an absolute must that if people want to enjoy life, they have to make time for fun. Fun should be a part of everyone’s daily schedule. All work and no play makes for a person who is stressed and burned out. Stress is crippling and it is a major cause of diseases in the body. Stress will bring all work to a halt. Companies know this and this is precisely why high-stress jobs often provide nice salaries and lengthy vacations. Doctors know what stress does to the body too. It is essential to maintain and improve health, a person needs to make time to have fun.

Many things can crowd out fun in a schedule; however, by taking inventory of what is most important and tackling the things that are necessary, special time can be made to have fun. According to a person’s goals, they may divide their day into categories for their health, errands, work, family and whatever else they need to spend their time on. It is important to include a “fun” category along with the others. This way, everything gets done and a person does not get burned out from this type of schedule.

Where people live also influences their amount of fun. If a person is living in a place that is not equipped with the activities a person likes to do, they should move. For instance, if a person loves to participate in water sports, living in the desert is probably not the ideal place this person should live. In addition, a person seeking an enjoyable life should live in a neighborhood where there are a variety of activities and community events to take part in. For instance, there are places to live where there is many things to take part in designed specifically for families or senior citizens. A senior citizen seeking a beautiful place to live can look up information online. For instance, and other sites provide helpful information to allow a senior citizen to make an informed decision about the neighborhood or place they want to move to.

Life is what people make it. If a person is not doing everything they like to have fun, it’s time for some change.

Choosing The Right Building To Live In

Living in a place like the SugarCube Building in Denver is a chance to live in the heart of one of the great cities in America. People who are native to Denver know that the SugarCube Building is a landmark in the area. Most people would love to live in this place if they prefer to live near the downtown area. Denver is a community that is filled with local businesses and attractions that make the area unique.

The Accommodations

The accommodations offered at the building are some of the best in the Mountain West. Many people choose to live in this area because of how cosmopolitan it is. There are many local restaurants that have been started by world class chefs. The local businesses that sell homemade and unique wares make the area much more vibrant during the day, and there is a sensational bar scene for those who wish to go out during the night.

The Attractions

Living near the heart of the city gives people access to places like the Pepsi Center, Coors Field and Mile High Stadium. Denver has some of the best professional sports teams in America, and going to their games is an experience that many people will never forget. There are breweries that have centuries of history in the area, and it is easy for people to find something to do when they are in close proximity to the building. Continue reading

Your Guide to Selecting the Best Illuminated Mirror for Your Bathroom

We all know that the bathrooms in our homes have a very important purpose. The bathroom is the place where we perform all our most essential hygiene and personal grooming tasks and functions, and everyone in your home surely uses the bathroom at least once a day. Since the modern bathroom is not only the place where you take a bath or shower, but is also the place where you shave, style your hair, or apply makeup, it needs to have all the right fixtures and other bathroom essentials.

All bathrooms today have a sink, faucets, shower, and bath. But a modern bathroom isn’t complete without a mirror as well. And when it comes to bathroom mirrors, the best type of mirror you can have for your bathroom is an illuminated mirror.

bathroom-mirrorWith an illuminated mirror, you have more-than-enough lighting for all your grooming needs. Additionally, an illuminated mirror gives your bathroom that extra unique, stylish touch which makes it stand out. But as with other bathroom fixtures, you need to choose your illuminated mirror carefully as well. Continue reading

Top Home Improvements for Houses in Exeter

If you’re a homeowner in Exeter looking to make the most of your location and the property you own there are a few projects you could consider taking on. As the summer is here it’s the ideal time to make some drastic changes on the inside and the exterior of your property. If you find your home is no longer serving your family, if you want to sell in the future for the highest possible price or you merely want a project to sink your teeth into check out our top three suggestions on home improvements for 2014.

window-decorAdd a Conservatory

Exeter gets some fantastic weather but like everywhere else in the UK there is also plenty of rain to deal with too. A conservatory makes a sensible addition as it allows you to make the most of the outdoors even when the weather isn’t playing ball.

Conservatories need to be completed to a high standard. They just look like a natural addition to the exterior of your home and flow well inside the property too. It’s worth spending a little bit more money to ensure the design compliments your home perfectly. Sadly, many homeowners simply put a small conservatory on the end or side of their home without much thought so it looks as if it has been stuck on, rather than incorporated. In these instances the conservatory will rarely add value.

Open Up Your Home

Many homes in Exeter fail to make the most of the views. Small windows can block out the light so home owners are making changes by adding larger windows. Floor to ceiling windows allow the light to flood in. Other options include the addition of bi-fold doors or French doors in Exeter.

Add the French doors onto the back of the home, opening up the kitchen or the living room onto the garden. They immediately make a focal point of the room and make it easier to enjoy the views and make use of the outdoor space. Make sure you buy good quality French doors so they will have a high energy efficiency rating.

Extending the Home

Extensions are an excellent idea for smaller homes as extra floor space means extra value. You will need to seek the right permissions before you start and it’s recommended that you work with an architect. While working on the extension consider creating an open space, such as a larger kitchen diner. Open plan rooms are hugely popular and family friendly, especially for families with young children.

These are three ways you can improve any property in Exeter. When planning the work take into consideration the cost of additional extras such as the new furniture and decoration. Flooring will be required in conservatories and extensions, which can bump up the cost, along with the electrics and pipework. It’s also a good idea to speak to your local estate agents to see if they believe the work will indeed add extra value.

Why Tools are a Perfect Gift

If you’re looking for a gift for the special guy in your life, then you may want to take a tour through the workshop and see what he needs. Hard working men can never have too many tools, and they love those items that make doing a job easier. Here are some tips to help you choose the best tools for the people you love.

Choose Quality Names

Start by looking for a high-quality product that’s built to last. When you make the investment in a name-brand tool with a reputation for durability, your loved one will know how special they are to you. In addition to being held to higher standards, they also come with reliable warranties that you can count on.

Save Money with the Right Company

Quality doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. You can find the high-quality tools you want at prices that fit nicely in your budget. In addition to finding top tools at attractive prices, you can also pick up all of the necessary accessories your man expects and deserves. When you purchase a drill, be sure to pick up collection of bits. If you’re considering a new saw, add a few extra blades for different projects. If a new router is on the wish list, then be sure to pick up the table and a set of customized router bits.

Storage Considerations

When you buy a quality power tool, you also need to consider how it will be stored. If you have large toolboxes or lockable cabinets, then the new tools will already have a home. However, you may still want to consider buying storage cases to keep the tools protect the tool from dust and make it easy to take along on jobs.

There are countless times throughout the year when you need a gift for a special person in your life who loves working with his or her hands. Tools may not have been on the top of your list in the past, but they’re an excellent choice for all of the do-it-yourself professionals and hardworking contractors. They’ll love receiving quality tools, and then you can start adding the different accessories for future events. Places like GotStock building have all the tools, accessories and cool little extras that you’ve been looking for. These are gifts that will continue giving for years to come, and they just might think of you every time they reach for that particular tool.

Home Fire Safety – Get it Right

There is nothing more important than making sure that your home is safe and sound for you and your family. There are some simple, commons sense and inexpensive tips to preventing fires in your home that you can follow:

home safety

Have a Plan:

It is essential that you and your family have a plan of action and know what to do in the event of a fire. The layout of your home will affect how you should react to a fire in your home. Not many people consider what they will do in the event of a fire breaking out in their house, however it is an important consideration and can save lives. You should consider installing fire doors when considering new exterior doors. It is also important to note that any apartment buildings or shared entrances should have fire doors installed as standard. Speak to a professional about safedoors if you are unsure whether you have the correct doors installed. Discuss your exit strategies with your family and practice it once in a while to ensure that everyone knows what to do in an emergency.

Install and Check a Smoke Alarm:

These can save your life so it is important to ensure that your home has a fully functional one. There should be a fire alarm installed on every level of your home.  Make sure that they are located in the best places for your home, if you are unsure as to the best places to  put them, ask a professional or your local fire service for help, they will be happy to give you some advice. Always ensure that the batteries in your fire alarm are tested every week. They should also be changed on a regular basis. Make sure that the batteries are never removed at any other time.

Be Careful With Electrics and Flames:

Always put out candles and cigarettes properly. Never leave a flame unattended. When cooking, use common sense, more than half of the accidental fires in the home start as a result of cooking accidents. Never leave hot oil unattended. Check that your sockets are not overloaded, and that your home electrics are well maintained. If you have a home with old wiring, get it upgraded and replaced as soon as possible. All wiring should meet certain safety standards. Never try and tackle these things yourself unless you are qualified to do so. Always ask a professional.

If you are ever unsure about fire safety in your home there is plenty of advice available both online and by contacting your local fire service. Make sure that your home is safe and take the right precautions. In the event of a fire, leave your home quickly and call the fire service straight away.

3 Crucial Considerations When Choosing Blinds

chosing blind

The blinds industry has evolved considerably over the years; so much so that there is no longer a one type fits all solution. While one homeowner may want one option, another might require a completely different one. The same theory can be applied to different windows on the same property as well, highlighting the scope of the market.

Bearing this in mind, certain factors should be taken into account before you take out the chequebook and choose your set of blinds. We’ll now take a look at these issues in further detail.

Window Shape

While one could argue that the shape of the window should not come into play, in reality it does. Even though blinds can be adapted to any shape, if you happen to have a round or unorthodox opening it’s just asking for massive expense. Therefore, this is usually where circumstances make the decision for you, with any “unusual” shape being dealt with by an outside mounted blind. This means that the blind hangs over the opening, rather than inside the recess.

Window Size

The bigger your windows, the more you have to think about just what blinds are going to look “right”. If you happen to have a giant opening, even in the style of patio doors, it might be unsuitable to opt for horizontal blinds that stretch right the way across it. Instead, you can usually make the blind fit to the size much better by using vertical slats that can neutralise the width, rather than emphasise it.

The Room

What works for a bedroom isn’t necessarily going to be appropriate for the living room. Some blinds are designed to create a blackout and are primarily targeted at baby’s rooms, or any other space that wants to keep light to a minimum. Others meanwhile aim to just aid with privacy and it’s in these instances where you can be more creative and at least allow a degree of light into the room. You can see more quality blinds here which can work to your window requirements, but always try and abide by the three factors we have noted.

What are the Benefits of Using Composite Doors in Swansea?

Security and kerb appeal are important for all home owners in Swansea. There are plenty of suitable choices of door available, but there is one that makes perfect sense. If you are about to have your front or back doors replaced, why not consider a composite door? Composite doors have many benefits; here are just a few of them for your consideration.


Don’t Let Your Home Look Cheap Because of Your Choice of Door

Doors have a big impact on the overall look of your home. You have to think about kerb appeal, especially if you want to sell your home in the future. Cheap doors will only serve to cheapen your home, making it harder to attract potential buyers and even affecting the value of the property. Choosing the cheapest UPVC door you can find is not a good option, even if the price is appealing to you. A composite door is still affordable but they look more expensive and come in a range of designs to fit in with the style and age of many homes.

Strength to Help Protect Your Home from Criminals

One of the reasons home owners choose to replace their doors is to improve the security of the property. Many glass or wooden doors don’t offer you the strength that you need to deter burglars. A composite door is extremely strong, making it more difficult for unauthorised people to gain entry. The frame can be made out of aluminium or steel so it is much harder to damage or break into.

The General Benefits

Composite doors in Swansea have been carefully crafted to provide security, to help reduce heat loss from the home and to be extremely durable. The manufacturers have taken extreme care in ensuring that:

  • The door frame is very strong by adding a solid composite sub-frame that is covered in an external layer of either a strong plastic or hardwood. As a result the frame is sturdy and rigid.
  • Often the outer frame is made from the affordable but durable UPVC, which is recyclable. However, this is then reinforced with galvanised steel adding extra stability.
  • Composite doors are suitable for homes of all ages as they come in a variety of styles. You can choose solid doors or doors that have attractive glass inserts, ideal for darker hallways. They come in many different colours and you can even paint them with a grain effect to make them look like solid wood.
  • Home insulation is improved thanks to the addition of thermal insulation, which is often a polyurethane foam inserted into the core of the door. These days the insulation is 100% free from chlorofluorocarbon, so it’s a great way to keep the home warm without harming the environment.

Finally, it is worth noting that a composite door can be fitted with strong locks such as the ones by Yale. These locks add to the overall security of the door and they’re suitable to use on the front and back doors to your property.

Breathe Life into an Old House

Some people like the character that goes with an old house. Even though heating rooms with high ceilings can cost a little bit more than a normal sized room, there is somehow much more you can do to make an older room attractive. When an old house in need of some renovation comes on to the market there will always be buyers that see potential and are prepared to buy with a view to improving the property. Some things are a matter of individual taste. Others make sound economic sense.



In really old houses, everyone used to sit around the fire. It was before the days of central heating that could heat the whole room. A nice fireplace is still an excellent focal point for a large room but obviously central heating is now the norm. Central heating comes at a cost and as energy prices rise year by year it is certainly wasteful not to look at ways of reducing bills. One way is certainly to look at how well the house is insulated and whether there is heat escaping through gaps between doors and windows and their frames. With the best will in the world there is no wood that does not deteriorate over time, no matter how well maintained it has been.

Modern windows

Installing casement windows will help keep the heat inside the house and they will not look out of place in a traditional home. They can be manufactured with a wood effect, for example, so that the house retains the traditional look but is suddenly much more energy efficient. Home owners will suddenly be in control if heat is not being lost unnecessarily. Manufacturers like are happy to talk to potential customers about their ideas and to provide the casement windows of choice. Such windows provide excellent security; they are sturdy and far more difficult to penetrate than the old wooden framed windows.

Security and reliability

Casement windows generally open inwards and come with excellent locking features that will prevent anyone opening them from outside. That doesn’t help an owner who has lost his key of course, but importantly it prevents unwanted intrusion. Security is always an important factor to consider.

It is important for anyone that is thinking about buying an old house and renovating to have suppliers that they can rely on for good service. A project does not need to take a great deal of time if thought and preparation goes into it from the start. When it comes to windows it is a matter of looking for an experienced manufacturer that responds quickly to an enquiry. The quality ones have survived the downturn in demand in recent years and are ready to help out.